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Cryptography for Trust

Your Software Alliance Which Offers You Verifiability, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability. (VITA™)

We are currently introducing our advancements in the area of cryptography for the purpose of establishing the
necessary relationships for advancing Tryptography™.

The Tryptography™ Team is pursuing the following priorities:

1) Tryptography™ will Introduce our advancements to company executives or those associated with industry specific use.

2) Tryptography™ will simultaneously introduce our software to those in Government institutions who are not aware of the technological advancements in Cryptography. A joint venture between a government or governments is acceptable to Tryptography™. Example: Joint governmental agreement between America, England, Germany and all other interested Governments or Government Institutions.

3) Tryptography™ will simultaneously introduce our advancements to those in the venture capital sector who fit the emotional and intellectual criteria to help Tryptography™ reach their goals.

It has been a pleasure to be associated with such extraordinary intellect in this sector. Kumar, Scott & Team look
forward to the Advancement & Implementation of Tryptography™.

> Built with Military-Grade Cryptography Libraries
> Impossible to reverse engineer
> Customers have the Confidence of a Reliable Client Software

> Client Software is reviewed by leading cryptographers & experts
> Proprietary Patent-Pending Solution
> Solved a 35 year old challenge in cryptography > Simple & Easy to understand Solution

> Seamless with NO cryptographic footprint
> Extremely efficient without the burden of decentralization