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The Making Of The Elephant

We will be announcing our funding sources & amounts during our Press Interview in the coming months.

i) Technically - We can receive certification from labs like Cigital/Synopsis and ICSA lab, to receive their approval on the claims we are making. This may be followed by closed room disclosures to cryptographic experts and academia.

ii) Commercially viability- This boils down to the following question - Is there a market for our technology? The answer is ABSOLUTLY YES.

Our go to market strategy is to capitalize on the second mover advantage in our first sector success followed by first mover advantage and second mover advantage in R & D Sectors.

To accomplish these advantages, we must:

1. Establishing complete ownership of the idea and the solution - patents, copyrights, trademarks etc.

2. Not making the solution public without proper preparation : certifications, letter of intents/contracts/sale with potential buyers.

3. Putting legal instruments in place to deter and dissuade small companies, larger corporations, governments or cryptography space from copying.