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0) Discovery?

In April 2013, the problem and the opportunity were identified, followed by the first discovery of the first viable solution in November 2014.
The first implementation took another year during which the solution was refined, alongside initiating work on the patent and rummaging through the world of cryptography libraries.

1) What are the founding principles, core beliefs, key realizations and the ground realities?

We believe in making holistic efforts which span from ideas, values etc. to techniques, practices, principles etc. to tangible benefits, features, delight etc. What ensues is a sense of responsibility and empowerment, which we channel into being the bleeding edge of philosophy, pragmatism and human experience. These three pillars provide a strong foundation for us to give back more to the society than we take. Our overreaching goal is achieving a factor of 100x.
We have realized that transactions are core and fundamental to our global or local existence as individuals, teams, communities, corporations, institutions, states, nations and economies. When transactions happen faithfully, TRUST ensues, and blossoms into peace, harmony, stability, security and assurance.

The human civilization has had the know-how of setting up a system of checks and balances for faithful execution of transactions in a limited setting, such as in a closed room. Things become challenging with scale and when the stakeholders are geographically separated. In modern times, the scope of the above encompasses varied sectors like Banking, Voting, Finance, Stock Markets etc. Interestingly, in our investigations of the above sectors we have found that the tenets of faithful transactions remain essentially the same: Verifiability, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability (VITA™)*

We are committed to building, end-to-end and holistically, the sector specific platform and infrastructure for faithful transactions using VITA™ as guideline. Our efforts are not channeled towards finding a silver bullet as each of these sectors has its own eccentricities. We apply a grass roots and first principled approach for each of the above stated sectors.

Our first expedition into one of such sectors [confidential] was a success. We discovered a solution to a long standing problem in the stated sector. And it opened up enormous possibilities in the online context, as we discovered a way to carry out transactions (in stated sector) in a manner which was as trustworthy as transactions done in a real world closed setting. And now we are utilizing our unique structure of thought, administration and implementation to apply our learning from the above stated sector to other sectors effectively.

Our ally in this expedition has been Cryptography. It can be understood as the science of secrets. It was used by Julius Caesar to create the Caesar Cipher to encrypt communications. It was also used to create the Enigma machine.

In the modern times, as we have discovered, Cryptography can offer us much more than just secrecy in communication and security against hacking (talked about later). It can be used for peaceful and trust-building purposes as well. As we have figured out, this science offers us the requisite tools to provide VITA™ at scale and over the Internet to bridge geographical separations.

With Tryptography™ we are entering into an era of peace, stability, prosperity and opportunity for all which is built on a solid foundation of Trust, built through VITA™ and powered by Cryptography.

2) Why B2B is not a route for Tryptography™?

Tryptography™ is not an incremental extra layer of security which can be added to existing systems/products.
Tryptography™ is an end to end platform in itself - a complete transactions engine for ensuring end-to-end faithful transactions over the internet, with its own unique and proprietary methods and protocols specific to each industry and application. This calls for big decision making for any buyer/big brand to do a migration from their existing platform to a completely new one. In this case they would prefer to be the late adopter than the early adopter.
We have had offers from firms to create an incremental extra layer of security for them which would create more trust for the end user in their system, which we had to decline due to mismatch. The perfect B2B play calls for a SaaS (Software as a Service) model which our offering is not.

The conclusion that we are B2B incompatible is based on our experiences in the current success sector. It is a possibility that our offerings in other sectors could be B2B compatible

3) What is the barrier to entry for incumbents? And why are the big brands not adopting Tryptography™ principles or something similar?

Applying Tryptography™ principles of end-to-end faithful transactions over the internet in certain sectors is possible, and there are quite a few small brands that are already doing it using BlockChain and Bitcoin as their technology stack and currency respectively. However, the world has only been able to figure out the solution for the much simpler and straightforward bi-partisan cases which have limited utility, and that too, for only a few specific sectors. At the same time, the effectiveness of their solutions is also limited by the limitations of their technology stack - the BlockChain.

All of these brands are small and transient, with no strong business plan or acumen, or understanding of the bigger picture, thus they are skirting on the borders of lawlessness, and most importantly only available with crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. No one has been able to figure out a practical solution for multi-partisan case “which is the general case in all the sectors, EXCEPT US.

If a big brand were to introduce a solution only for the bi-partisan case, the next query they are going to be asked by the clients/customers is: "Wow, this is great. We want the same for the multi-partisan applications as well”. And, no one knows how to do this, (EXCEPT US) - creating a inconsistency and dissonance in their offering. This explains why big brands have not yet adopted Tryptography™ principles even when the technology and know-how is out there for the simpler bi-partisan cases.

4) Is there an entry strategy into other markets - banking, currency, medical, stock trading, other?

BlockChain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin. has the whole world seeking a revolution in all the fields : Banking, Stocks, Contracts, Voting, Remittance, Domain Name Registration etc.

Many of these companies have been making a promise on this front for the last 8 years with nothing concrete to show for, because BlockChain in itself is their limiting factor, and it simply cannot be updated or improved overnight. The BlockChain is an overkill of an implementation when it comes to any of these problems independently.

Tryptography™ on the other hand has figured out an end-to-end solution for a sufficiently complex, canonical and long standing (35 y/o) multi-partisan problem with potential applicability in many sectors. These markers would be useful for attracting the necessary funding and the necessary strategic alliances for our ventures into - Banking, Money, Stock, Voting/Elections etc.

We have a grass roots, first principled, holistic and end-user focussed approach rather than a propensity to find a silver bullet - the BlockChain approach. Thus, our design is minimal, efficient, simple and comprehensive.

We understand BlockChain Knowledge and keep learning about BlockChain to be able to derive and bring all their best-practices and benefits of their progresses to Tryptography™. We know their strengths and flaws, and keep an eye on their noteworthy projects, while following a discipline principle of rational ignorance. At the same time, we are free from the limitations of BlockChain.

5) How does Tryptography™ offerings compare with traditional Security against Hacking?

Tryptography™ offerings are a different aspect of protection from Security against Hacking. At a high level, Security is about protecting an asset(data, communication, transaction, authentications etc.) from getting stolen or modified. Hacking is breaching security using circumventive procedures. Tryptography™ offerings are a different dimension of protection for the end-user's. It is about bringing faithfulness of computations within/during a transaction, and assurance beyond doubt that power cannot be misused to influence results or gain privileged information. Tryptography™ offerings distributes power/control amongst the clients so that no colluding entities (even including server or operator of the service) can acquire sufficient resource and knowledge to influence or change the faithful execution of a transaction.

Think of Tryptography™ as an end-user's Guardian Angel when the server itself is corrupted (or hacked). With Tryptography™ in place, the server itself is incapacitated to a level of innocence by design, and hence, the interests of the end user's are fully secure. This is the transcendental level of protection Tryptography™ has achieved for the end user's and it makes it unique.

It is noteworthy that, even if a hacker managed to hack into the server of a Tryptography™ enabled system, the end-user's will either:

1) Continue to get faithful execution of transaction OR

2) Come to know about the hacking, due to the mechanisms of checks and balances to which all the relevant clients are a party.

Note :

1) Tryptography™ servers would be using the best security practices used by the best technology companies in the world.

2) Tryptography™ is not in the Hacking/AntiVirus space, we provide a different kind of security as mentioned above.

It is noteworthy, possible partnerships with Military, Intelligence agencies, McAfee, Norton or Kaspersky, could actually brand the whole solution Trustworthy, Provably Fair, Malware resistant, Virus resistant, Self aware and Uncompromising.

Tryptography™ : An end-user's Guardian Angel.

6) Conclusion Of Number 4 & 5

Tryptography™ presently does not have assets in Currency/Banking/Finance etc. which would be of immediate use. We have great potential and capacity to do a grassroots and first principled based investigation into the above mentioned fields, and come out with viable solutions, implementation, architectures and assets. The reason being, we have applied this same approach (the sector we have successfully completed) to a sufficiently hard and complex and a long standing problem in the sector to develop practical solutions, implementations and architectures, which are easy to deploy and simple to understand.

All this puts us in an advantageous position to be able to achieve the results necessary in the sectors of number 4 & 5 as compared to other efforts in this advancement. At the same time, the biggest benefit is that we are not revolutionary in our disposition, we will help the government with our efforts in the Banking/Currency/Stock/Voting etc. We want to help the government launch the highest valued applications of the BlockChain revolution in the fields of number 4 & 5, and help establish the government as the innovation alpha of the whole revolution. Our belief is that this will trigger a trickle down effect where the regulation would be in harmony with the progress as a forethought, and would bring stability, surety and law & order for all - from innovators to business to the end-users.

One of our strong inclinations is to help establish an American digital currency as the omniscient [Digital/ Physical/ Virtual/ Backup/ Exchange Standard/ Stock Market Standard/ Tax/Banking/ Securities/ Crowdsourcing/ Remittance/ Charity] currency of the world. The benefits of which are noteworthy for all : the government of USA, governments of the world and the citizens everywhere on the planet will have increased stability, assurance and insurance. This will help curb chaos, anarchy & war during economic turmoils and/or currency collapse. We earnestly seek your support and cooperation.

The benefits of such a transformation would position America as the leader in providing assurances using VITA™ analogue standards, appropriate for this implementation in setting the standard to which all countries will identify as Trustworthy.

The greater good we will achieve through this will be:

1) A stable backup currency for the world.

2) Lesser impact of breaking down of economies(zimbabwe, greece, argentina etc.) upon the global politics and economic fluctuations of the world.

3) Greater power to government agencies to monitor and prevent money laundering which supports illegal arms trading.

4) A truly global and digitally integrated currency for the world to do cross border trades and payments and create the foundation for the creation of correct tax solutions for individual countries.

5) A digital money alongside a physical counterpart. This is very complex, however, Tryptography™ knows how to implement this as to not wreck havoc on current systems. All others have the planning whether intentionally or by way of just having a new mousetrap of causing havoc that may be disastrous. Controlling innovation is not the answer, aligning with the correct solution is.

6) Near 0 cost of remittance.

Tryptography™, helps those who have a strong desire to make sure elections are fair and accessible on the fundamentals of VITA™. Our goal is provide an ubiquitous [Online/ Digital/ Physical/ Offline/ Ballot/ Mail] platform for people to exercise their voting right, irrespective of their location in the world. This would be backed by similar advances in authentication, integrity, accountability and ease-of-use.

The benefits of such a system is evident for a democracy :

1) Higher participation

2) More faith by the people in the electoral systems

3) More faith in the government chosen thus bringing stability

4) Lesser cost in in terms of infrastructure

5) Lesser footprint on public's productivity

6) Ability to implement new forms of voting methods like, Ranked Choice Voting with minimal investment of resources.

Beyond democracy, with our efforts in fruition, global organizations like UN, WHO etc. would have, for the first time, the capacity to solicit votes and/or opinions from people across the globe, bypassing the digital or the physical divide. This would help them gather reliable and actionable data which will address potential dangers, and also help them focus & optimize their efforts toward world peace, well-being, security and prosperity.

Tryptography™ can achieve success in the sector of online voting/elections to which all nations citizens desire.

Once again, we don't have assets beyond our current sector success at present. However, we do have all the necessary markers to establish beyond doubt that we are the very few true and CAPABLE allies of the government in this realm, and in their broader initiatives to bring prosperity and security to their people and the world.

*Footnote: VITA™ - Verifiability, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability