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January: 2018

Tryptography is proud to announce that it has developed business relationship with a cyber security company to advance and implement its philosophy of an unprecedented holistic and pervasive security paradigm which does not differentiate between insiders and outsiders, and built upon a foundation of VITA. Such a paradigm would eliminate data breaches like Equifax, by design and forethought, and with maturity, be immune to hacking, and callous, careless or compromised insiders


Important : Developments in Australia [Consumer Protection]


A New System Could Prove Positive.

In summary, the governmental committee made two initial recommendations based on its inquiry. The first called for a wait and see approach following the implementation of the National Consumer Protection Framework.

Would you believe we (Tryptography) just walk into their parliament and announce we know what you are talking about, and it is our bread and butter"

"Boeing Defense, Space & Security has received a $42.5 million US Air Force contract to develop more secure codes on systems to locate and rescue downed air crew and help them escape pursuers, the Department of Defense said in a press release. "

"Under the contract, Boeing will develop and test the cryptographic modernization of the Ultra High Frequency Base Station and the Combat Survivor Evader Locator Interrogator Module, the Defense Department explained."

Can Tryptography help Boeing with their goals? The fair answer is : Not yet, because we don't know the details of the problem, and the requirements for an accepted solution (just like the N-queens problem where they just want to solve 1000x1000). However, with what we have done in the domain of cryptography : solved / circumvented a 35 year old problem, whose derivatives have won the nobel prize in computer science, it is highly likely that we must be having critical insight into building a robust solution, and possibly discover and address other possible applications/revamps.


Tryptography Offers the Government Of America A Free License Agreement For Security Challenges. We invite the Trump Administrations Top Personnel To Discuss and Review. We are happy to have been introduced to DarkTrace and if the United States Government and Trump Administration wishes us to have DarkTrace apply due diligence with us, we are happy to oblige.

The above link acknowledge the needs:a

There is much demand but not enough supply of cyber security personnel. With Tryptography's vision in action and VITA in place, there would be a lesser requirement of ground personnel.


Tryptography is pleased to announce its licensing of a new game. We are excited about bringing it to market using Tryptography's
VITA™ Principles. We are confident it will be a very successful Christmas & Holiday Online Game.

Tryptography's design and architecture will work in concert to provide consumer protection in the form of Fair Game Play which would be secured by the tenets of VITA™ (Verifiability, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability).

All Tryptography benefits will be supplied with great certainty and QoS by our centralized server which surpasses all the complexities and inefficiencies of Blockchain.

The game will possibly be available this Christmas & Holiday Season, however 2018 is a more probable introduction date.



1) Patent - Tryptography has filed for the patent protection of our invention in the consumer protection aspect worldwide in 152 countries (using a PCT application). We have solved a 35 Year Old problem many have been trying to solve.

2) We would like to thank the Governors Office of Illinois, Senator Madigans Office, Senators Link, Trotter, Brady & Fowler, Representatives Mayfield & Flowers for understanding the importance of our technology being aligned with legislation in the State of Illinois.

Our consideration of Headquartering in Illinois aligns with the States goals of defining tax revenue towards deficit areas to which all realize are impossible to meet without new revenue sources other than the traditional tax system and solutions. We applaud all in Springfield who are working with us on both sides of the aisle towards a solution that will bring Billions in revenue to the State. The following paragraphs offers a summary understanding of our Technology other than that posted here on the website.

a) Tryptography is the use of Cryptography for establishing Trust in Transactions. Trustworthy transactions using Trptography’s platform blossom into peace, harmony, stability, opportunity, security, and assurance which builds stronger individuals, teams, communities, corporations, institutions, states, nations and economies, by providing the next generational Trustworthy platform/infrastructure/systems for carrying out transactions with each other. The scope of these transactions spans from the online to the real world; and from fields as simple as purchase, voting, escrow to things as complex as governance, electorate, stock/equity and securities, currency and banking, etc. We make transactions Trustworthy by establishing Verifiability, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability (VITA™), which we have understood from our experience as the foundation of a trustworthy transaction. We do this using a science called CRYPTOGRAPHY, which allows us to establish trust before, during and after the transaction for the justice and benefit of all stakeholders involved.

Transactions are not assumed trustworthy, when one of the parties is centralized and as a consequence is in a position of no checks and balances, no matter how well placed. While decentralization appears as a natural remedy for trust issues caused due to centralization; Tryptography offers the Intersection of Decentralization and Centralization. Blockchain, as in Bitcoin/Ethereum, which has gained much attention lately utilizes decentralization. Our approach is completely independent, where we recognize the benefits of centralization in terms of speed and efficiency, and work at the heart of the issue : establishing VITA - to empower all the stakeholders to enforce integrity and justice, and restrict all from acting maliciously - using cryptography.

c) Hence, our approach for each sector is highly tailored and customized (grassroot), and without bloat, unlike Blockchain which plans to provide a single point of solution (silver bullet) to a variety of problems, and usually suffers from bloating and over-engineering amongst other problems inherent with decentralization. We are confident that we are starting off at the destination of Blockchain's journey to practicality - centralization and customization, alongside being able to incorporate the best of what decentralization has to offer as well.

d) In summary, our approach is: Centralized Operations / Distributed Control / Decentralized Auditing. This potent mixture is evolutionary in implementation and revolutionary in impact. Our first venture under the above approach has been a success in the field of Consumer Protection in online transactions, in which we solved a long standing challenge, opening new opportunities and transforming how business is carried out. We are now approaching other sectors.

3) We are on-boarding expert cryptographers and security experts to review our solution for our success sector followed by collaboration with us in our initiatives into other sectors. We have had discussions with 2 such experts. Please contact us if you would like to be considered as a credentialed expert to our solution.