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The centralization and institutionalization of services, platforms and facilities brings efficiency, ease of scale and agility. This may sometimes come at a steep price of consumer protection, due to centralization of power. Law, Regulations and Enforcement are a means of creating checks and balances in the above, but it is more of a reactive measure, and less of a proactive measure. So, there is always a means exploiting loopholes and or the use strong arm tactics. Nevertheless, the laws, regulations and enforcement have great value and when exercised properly would protect both the interests of the consumers and the businesses.

Tryptography's first success sector in Consumer Protection, runs alongside the above established and fruitful traditional norms of law, regulation and enforcement. And in parallel, allows business to proactively establish beyond any doubt, directly to consumer, that they (the business) cannot do consumers any harm and furthermore become the guardian of their consumer's interests. The solutions are tailored to the specific requirements and idiosyncrasies of each business and sector using grass root knowledge and practices to create a transformative path.

In short, this is a new way of establishing trust in a system, where business will do the needful, to establish goodwill and innocence proactively using cryptography and beyond, rather than waiting after the fact compliance, audits and remediation. We proactively bring the the power of radical VITA (Verifiability, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability) in real time to the benefit and desires of both the business and consumers, which to transforms each of the sectors we enter to have increased applicability, increased acceptance and increased benefit for the whole.

Tryptography's consumer protection platform is built by a patent pending technology resulting from the solving of a 35+ year old problem in Cryptography which has applicability to a variety of scenarios : Security, Currency, Voting, Gaming Entertainment, IOT, Stock Markets, All Transactional such as Payment Processing including Inventory Controls & Logistics etc.. The solutions to derivatives of this problem have a Nobel Prize in computer science (Turing award).

Our first field trail in Gaming Entertainment is ready to expand to customers in the United States where legislation has approved the Legalization of Online Poker such as New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, alongside states currently creating legislation such as Illinois. Tryptography throughout the world is adhering to local customs & conforming to all regulations & international treaties. With this particular effort, we seek to help the governments create a safe environment for allowing people to enjoy the games that they like without the fear or hassle of getting a rigged or compromised gaming experience. Learn more at by contacting Kumar or Scott. Contact Information is on the front page of the website and Contact page.

Simultaneously, we have established relevance in Voting and Currency, amongst others. where we are building connections to roll out our respective solutions for universally accessible voting solution which is VITA complaint, and also a centrally issued digital digital currency USofACoin***, which utilizes Tryptography’s VITA compliance alongside the correct currency modeling to benefit the world as a whole.
We welcome the United States Federal Reserve to enter into discussions as Tryptography is not a disrupting force but one that intersects the current world's monetary system to that of digital currency. Currently, the choice is traditional failure and disruptive failure
*** USofACoin is not an ICO. USofCoin is not a typical current day Cyrpto Curreny. USofAcoin is not a value proposition for trade, purchase or selling. USofAcoin will benefit the world due to the security Tryptography and USofAcoin's is modeled as the only viable digital currency which is not disruptive to other governmental currencies.
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